We have investigators specialising in finance in Bristol.  

We are specialists in tracking down funds and are trained in searching for hidden assets.

We have highly trained financial detectives and investigators specialising in fraudulent transfers either of a personal or business nature.

We are able to locate assets that have been well hidden and have many years of experience doing this.

Asset searches are hugely useful in matrimonial disputes where substantial assets are being divided between two parties. We work closely with legal associates to arrange freezing of assets for later collection.

Financial investigations are often complex due to financial records being amended, hidden or protected by financial privacy laws. 

Whilst the information is often accessible it usually involves very specific analysis and interpretation.

Whatever situation you are facing, our financial investigators in Bristol are available to provide support.

Should you require a financial inquiry which involves itself in misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset recovery, or litigation, we have the knowledge and background that allows for a significant difference.

Our financial investigators work very closely with our research analysts to trace and research financial information.  The investigators are highly trained, usually with a background in finance or corporate banking.  They are experienced in reviewing and analysing financial records and finding hidden assets.

This experience also stems from dealing with bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and money laundering.

They will analyse records and provide you with a detailed and understandable summary presented in a way that is admissible in court proceedings.

Our technical experts in Bristol are able to recover deleted data from computers which may prove or disprove a case. This is carried out alongside our financial investigators to ensure all relevant information is found.

So if you find yourself, or your company in need of financial investigation to resolve issues or disputes, please give us a call. We are happy to help, whatever your situation.

We guarantee that all information shared with us will be treated as highly confidential.

We can help you get what is rightfully yours if you have been mislead or had money stolen.

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